// Currently working at Slack as a Senior Product Designer! Currently taking Computer Science night classes at CCSF and loving/hating C++

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myWork = [
"Vector Illustration",
"Web Design",
"Interactive Design",

Product Design

Featured projects

Replit Rebrand

Branding & Web DeSign & development

Replit is an online, browser-based IDE. Rebranding the visuals for both marketing and product!


Swiss Poster Generator

Creative Code & Building tools

I developed and designed a poster generator that mimics Swiss Design and Grid. Used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Html2Canvas.js



Mic.input + Javascript


I coded (HTML + CSS + Javascript P5 library) a responsive illustration that changes based on the level of volume picked up from the mic! If the device accumulates volume for a certain duration, then the illustration catches on "fire".

This illustration would be useful if it takes effect in a designated quiet room since it provides the occupants a degree of self-awareness of how their presence affects their surrounding peers.


Web Design + Dev

More Projects

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Let's talk! I don't bite (just harmlessly quack here and there) and love talking about everything and anything! Ask me about anything: projects, design, work-flow, even birb memes!

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