Friends of the Web Branding

Illustration & Branding

Friends of the Web is a small digital agency in Baltimore, Maryland who specializes in designing and building mobile & web applications.

I worked as a junior UI/UX designer/intern for ~8 months and it was honestly one of the BEST jobs I've ever had! I wanted to explore 2 possible brand iterations that better reflects their tight-knit work environment.

I designed new websites, illustration style, email-invites, and other design collaterals.

Old Webiste

Brand Identity 1

Gifs & Illustrations

Friends of the Web is a unique agency as they have both in-house designers and developers - a truly small yet powerful team of 5 people. I wanted to illustrate Friends of the Web as a small, approachable, yet effective and powerful team. I thought it would be fitting to use bold and saturated colors inspired by 2D games since Friends of the Web also plays Magic the Gathering every Wednesday.

Web Design

Sketches & Low fi

Brand Identity 2


The logo is based on 3 squares rotated at 45 degree angle that becomes a heart. I thought it would be appropriate to made a grid using these diagonal squares.

Physical Banner

Paperless Invites

Call to Action

Web Design

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Let's talk! I don't bite (just harmlessly quack here and there) and love talking about everything and anything! Ask me about anything: projects, design, work-flow, even birb memes!

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